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Review of Element Vaporizers

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Review of Element Vaporizers

Element Vape is owned by leading e-liquid manufacturer plus the owner of other related businesses. Their product line has a very wide variety of products including multiple flavors of nicotine and gum. However, the latest product within their lineup is their new product called Vape Vaporizer. In this review I will compare it to their other products.

Element Vape is really a new company that was founded last year in order to better serve their customers. Their founders were smart enough to realize that many people want a good product without having to worry about ordering it. Electric Tobacconist Coupon I believe they have accomplished this goal. They will have eliminated all of the common delays which are commonly connected with ordering products from most companies. Yet sometimes they can leave one or even a few 1-2 star reviews if they may unintentionally leave you with a delay that never existed.

One thing that I would like to point out in my Element Vape review is that although they occasionally ship with some delays; they do not do so to an outrageous amount. I believe this is due in part to their policy of providing excellent customer service to their patrons. For example, I received an email about an issue with one of their newest products and could obtain some important information via their customer support. The whole process was very timely and I greatly appreciated all of the help I was given. I also highly appreciate they ship with a tracking number so that my product can be checked as soon as it arrives in my own home.

I was also impressed with the client service that I received when I sent my first order for the Element Vape e-liquid. My package did arrive on time and in good condition. When I attempted to refill the bottle I was happy with the results. In addition to the flavors that I enjoyed initially, the product had an extremely nice citrus taste that I’d continue to use. EASILY were looking for a good way to include fruit flavor into my day to day routine, this is usually a great choice to make.

Perhaps one of the primary concerns I had gone into my Element Vape review was the shipping times. My package did take several days to access me and I was very excited when I saw that it had been being shipped from an address in California. Unfortunately periodically package delivery times might occur for international customers. If your package does experience delays please understand that you will have to pay for re-shipping fees in order to get your product back. Furthermore, some companies may only offer certain shipping options which may include priority shipping which will take longer to reach you.

Something else I would like to point out in my own Element Vape review is that this particular product is not affiliated with the leading electronic cigarette industry based company eCigarette company eGo. I choose never to be associated with them because their product lacks the key features that I needed and need in an electronic cigarette. Instead, of the two of them working together to develop a healthier alternative to smoking I decided to independently develop my very own e-juice based on my own personal preferences.

As far as customer service goes I had not been impressed. At first I thought that the company might have sent me a defective product but after sending them an instant email explaining the issue and how they shipped my original order I was offered a refund. Customer service at any online retailer is usually pretty good but should they cannot provide a valid return address or proof of shipment then you should probably consider looking elsewhere. I would suggest that anyone purchasing an element vaporizer either via online or in a retail establishment check to see if they are given a proof shipment or address submissions. If they are not then keep looking.

Shipping times will change depending on which shipping method you utilize. Element Vaporizers are usually shipped by freight forwarders such as for example FedEx and UPS. If you don’t live near an ocean, you will definitely pay more for shipping charges. I would definitely try and buy the products from a retailer you can trust however once you purchase your Element Vape it should be simple enough to send them your payment plus they should ship your item quickly.

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